Guide to purchase hardware for internet services

Monday, Oct 11, 2021 · 10 mins


What are the Basic Hardware Needed for Internet Services?

Getting internet services is not as difficult as we think. Such services require proper hardware. In this article, you will learn more about the tech products you should buy to enjoy the best internet services.

Hardware Components to Purchase

Before buying the hardware, you should consider doing the following:

Step 1: Research well about the hardware components you need.

Step 2: Also, determine how much space these hardware units will occupy. To enjoy the best internet services, you need a space for your routers, switches, hubs, UPS batteries, cables, etc.

Step 3: Buy the hardware components.

Step 4: Purchase the required bandwidth from large ISP firms.

List of Essential Hardware Components to Choose From


Routers and modems are network-enabling electronic devices that help connect two or more packet-switched networks. They have two primary functionalities. One is to manage traffic between networks, and the second is to forward data packets to the IP addresses of the devices.


It is an electronic networking device that modulates and demodulates. It is responsible for bringing and facilitating the network connections needed at your residence or business place. Also, with this device, you can connect and use other laptops and smartphones to access the internet.

Ethernet cables

These are network cables that help connect two or more computer systems as a wired medium. LAN cable or ethernet cables can connect the modem to your system directly and provide an internet connection.


If you want to connect two or more network devices, a switch can help receive and forward data packets to the destination devices.

High-speed fiber optics cable

The very first hardware you need to purchase is the fiber optics cable. You need to extend your network to connect your data center to the ISP upstream from whom you avail the internet connection. Using a wired medium might be expensive. Alternatively, you can use a wireless link to do the same. As the leading broadband service provider operating across 19 cities in India, ACT Fibernet can help your business here.

Enterprise-grade network equipment (routers, hubs, and switches)

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The next thing you need to purchase, install, and configure are the routers, hubs, and switches. Here, you need to invest in quality hardware components to ensure good services. If you compromise with the quality here, you will get slow speeds and a hindered internet performance.

Depending on the number of computers or nodes you want to connect, you should purchase the routers and switches. Switches are less expensive than routers, but routers have a lot of features incorporated into them. You can buy enterprise-grade routers and switches from electronic stores for robust connectivity. Other than that, you can also buy it through different e-commerce sites. They cost around Rs. 26,500.

Wireless backhauls for spreading your wireless signals

If you want to spread the internet service to multiple other nodes through a wireless medium, you need to purchase wireless backhauls. They help you connect to the relay points. If you plan a wireless internet-providing system, backhauls will help broadcast the data signals from one premise of your network to the other. A typical backhaul will cost Rs. 59,999 or more.

Installing wireless backhaul is the same as installing switches and routers. You can fit these backhauls on towers, at the top of buildings, and other areas at a higher altitude. Keeping these devices at a higher elevation will improve the network's quality.

Mounting antennas at relay points

A relay point is a node in the network through which an ISP will send the information. Often, the signal fades when it traverses a long distance. Mounting an antenna or repeater to amplify the signal is a good solution to overcome this problem.

When you need to connect many computers using one internet service, repeaters become the most beneficial. Each of these antennas and repeater will cost around Rs.3,300.

Run CAT5e cables

Connect your router and switches through ethernet CAT5e cables. CAT5e type cables help combat electromagnetic interference (EMI). Using CAT5e will also guarantee that your ISP will stay up and running for a longer time. The average cost of a 1,000-feet CAT5e cable is around Rs. 24,000.


To enjoy smooth internet services, you should have the right knowledge of network structures. Also, one must be aware of the capacity of routers, hubs, switches, and other devices associated with the network. If you wish to connect your computer via a wired medium, you need more cables and routers. Otherwise, you can go wireless with antennas, wireless backhauls, etc.

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