Here's How You Can Keep Your Family Safe in the Online World

Monday, Nov 05, 2018 · 3 mins


Online Safety

Once you become a parent, a protective streak suddenly strikes you so hard that sometimes you become a figure of domination instead of becoming a caring one. However, that is normal and thinking about your family’s safety is certainly not something you need to justify.  

With the boom of internet and various social media platforms, the avenues that need a bit of parenting control have now gone beyond the traditional park-and-play protection. The children of this tech-savvy century are far more connected to the internet than we ever were throughout our lifetime. The fault is not theirs though; it is the need and trend of the times. Internet, as a place with infinite amount of information, has proved to be a great way to enhance learning and unleash new opportunities altogether.

 However, everything has its own share of pros and cons. Internet too, has plenty of dangers that can affect your family in many ways. To help you prevent them, we have jotted down some tips that can prove beneficial.

Here’s how you can keep your family safe in the online world:

  • Start by Securing Your Wi-Fi Network

    Begin by making sure that your Wi-Fi network is well protected and secured so that it does not become vulnerable to the intruders who might compromise your internet security.

    To avoid security issues, first, choose a reliable broadband connection. If you are living in Chennai, we, at ACT Fibernet, will be more than happy to offer you the most effective broadband connection in Chennai. Some other steps that you can take to secure your Wi-Fi are using a strong password for the router and enabling wireless encryption to prevent strangers from accessing it. 

  • Teach Your Family About Safe Social Networking

    Be it a 13-year-old child or a 65-year-old grandma; they are all using social media networking nowadays. However, majority of them are not aware about the cybercrimes that can affect them online. So, teach your family about the steps they can take for safe social networking. Ask them not to share too much of personal information and photos that can compromise their internet security.

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  • Ensure Safe Live Online Gaming

    Online gaming is a rage that has charmed every kid, but it also exposes them to certain internet dangers like bullying and harassment. What you can do is advise your children to not reveal their identities and monitor their gaming activities. You can also use parenting controls offered in the gaming consoles. 

  • Install Parental Control

    Though this may seem a bit controlling to your children, but if you make them understand your fears, it might be a great safety step. Use parental control and block the access to websites that may be inappropriate for your children and keep a check on their online presence. 

  • Use Strong Passwords for Your Accounts

    An easy password may mean an easy breach of your online accounts and the hard loss of your precious information. Hence, create strong passwords, and by strong, we mean one which has: mixed letters, at least eight characters, numbers and symbols and added security questions. Teach your family members to follow the same protocol. 

  • Look for https:// in the URLs of the Websites When Making Online Transactions

    If anyone is a shopaholic in your family, then do read this point. Not many people know but ‘s’ in ‘https’ stands for ‘secure’, and it should appear in every website’s address that deals with online money transaction. You must also ensure the security of your Wi-Fi to avoid any online frauds and loss. 

  • Inform Your Family Members About Internet Security Threats

    Just parental control and safe social networking are not enough; your family members need to know about the internet security threats in order to prevent them. For that, you don’t need to be a technocrat but just research and get some basic knowledge about the online dangers.

Keep these things in mind to ensure the online safety of your family members. If you are looking for a great broadband connection in Chennai, then click here and choose the one that suits the requirements of your family

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