How can I get free WiFi in Hyderabad?

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Free Wi-Fi Hotspots in Hyderabad

Nowadays, the general public can access open Wi-Fi in places like malls, railway stations, and libraries. Let's discuss ACT's new initiative HY-Fi to provide free Wi-Fi hotspots in Hyderabad and how you can benefit from them.

ACT Fibernet

If you want access to free Wi-Fi in Hyderabad, ACT is the best choice. ACT Fibernet has partnered with the Hyderabad government to install free Wi-Fi hotspots all over the city. This is an initiative of ACT as part of the smart city project of Hyderabad. The advantage of these hotspots is they are completely free, quick, and secure.

As the capital of Telangana, Hyderabad is recognized as a major centre for the technology industry. So, this city should be well-connected to the digital world. With this vision, ACT Fibernet Broadband has deployed Wi-Fi hotspots across the city under the HY-Fi program.

The launch of 3000+ free Wi-Fi hotspots in Hyderabad by ACT Fibernet was featured on The Hindu's Business Line. According to Bala Malladi, Chief Executive Officer of Atria Convergence Technologies Ltd (ACT Fibernet), "The installation of Wi-Fi hotspots is an ideal solution to enable more people to stay connected and provide the benefits of the internet. We may set up 500-1,000 more hotspots this year depending on the requirement."

Wi-Fi Plans in Hyderabad

Anyone in Hyderabad will be able to use the internet for 45 minutes with a speed of 25 Mbps. Users can upload, download files from the internet, stream videos, and do much more in this duration. The following table summarizes the duration and data provided by this Wi-Fi service.

Free45 min25Mbps1GB
Paid1 hour25Mbps2GB
Paid3 hours25Mbps4GB

What are the Benefits of Free Public Wi-Fi in Hyderabad?

  1. Free of cost:

    As these Wi-Fi hotspots are open for all and anyone can use them, the users will save a lot of money on data plans and will be able to complete all of their internet-related work on the go.

  2. Increased Productivity:

    All these hotspot locations are located so that people will be able to work on their tasks while on the go. Those places include significant business locations such as malls, airports, and metro stations. This will encourage people to resume their work, resulting in increased productivity.

  3. May be useful in emergencies:

    These Wi-Fi stations will help the public in emergency cases to quickly get connected with the rescue service and help them regain control of the situation.

  4. Beneficial for students:

    Students need the internet most for their daily usage. So, students who are travelling can profit from it.

Award-Winning Company

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As per InMobi research conducted in April 2021, ACT is recognized as the best broadband service provider in Hyderabad. According to the report, ACT is -

  • Hyderabad's No. 1 Wired Broadband
  • Hyderabad's Fastest Wired Broadband
  • Best Broadband for Video Streaming.

Also, Ookla's Speedtest shows that the ACT Fibernet is the fastest wired broadband in Hyderabad.

How to Get Access to Free Wi-Fi in Hyderabad?

You can use Wi-Fi for free, but you should follow certain steps to get connected:

  • Among 3000+ Wi-Fi hotspots, you need to search for one which is nearest to you. You can also refer to ACT's hotspot list, which contains details of free Wi-Fi points.
  • Once you find a hotspot area near you, then it's time to get connected to it. For this, TURN ON the Wi-Fi on your device and get connected to the 'ACT Free HY-Fi'.
  • After you click on 'ACT Free HY-FI', a pop-up will appear to authenticate your details. Enter the required details like phone number and click on the Submit button.
  • As you submit your details, one 4-digit OTP will come to your mobile number via SMS. You need to enter the OTP.
  • As soon as OTP verification gets complete, you're going to get connected! You can enjoy free Wi-Fi for up to 45 minutes at 25 Mbps speed and a 1 GB data limit.

What if You Exhaust Your Free Data Limit?

ACT Fibernet allows you to use the internet for 45 minutes with a speed of 25 Mbps. But what if your 45 minutes are exhausted, but you still want to continue with your work?

No worries! ACT has small top-up plans which may help you to complete your work after your free 45 minutes. Below are the detailed plans:

25 Mbps200 MB1 hour₹25All Locations
25 Mbps500 MB3 hours₹50All Locations

These plans are not very expensive and will help users with their work.

According to user reviews and feedback, ACT is leading in the list of providing uninterrupted network connectivity and Wi-Fi in Hyderabad. ACT Fibernet is the preferred broadband service provider for its superfast speeds and dedicated customer service.

If you are looking for the best broadband services, visit ACT Fibernet today.

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