How do I get the best Wi-Fi for free?

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5 ways to connect to free WiFi

Nowadays, not being able to connect to the internet is very irritating. As most of us have switched to remote working, the internet has become a significant part of our lives. We have discussed five ways to get Wi-Fi for free, anywhere, and anytime.

The five different ways by which you can access Wi-Fi for free:

  • Finding a place with a public Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Turning your phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Using Wi-Fi Apps
  • Get a portable router
  • Check if there are any hidden networks present

Let’s discuss how you can use each of the above briefly.

  1. Find a place with public free Wi-Fi

    Yes, you read it right. There are many public places available where you can get access to Wi-Fi for free without any charge. These public places include:

    1. Railway stations
    2. Public parks
    3. Gardens
    4. City Libraries
    5. College Campuses

    Even some gyms are giving free Wi-Fi nowadays, so if your gym provides free Wi-Fi, you can benefit from it. You just need to explore a little, and easily, you can get information about free public Wi-Fi.

    The ACT Fibernet also provides free public Wi-Fi in some cities of India like Hyderabad. Users can use their internet for 45 minutes with a speed of 25 Mbps, and that is for free. They also have some other plans if you need Wi-Fi access for more time.

    Free45 min25Mbps1GB
    Paid1 hour25Mbps2GB
    Paid3 hours25Mbps4GB
  2. Turn your phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot

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    If you are one of those people who cannot reach public places around you, but you need the internet for your work, then this method is useful for you. You just need your smartphone with active internet (3G/4G) connection, and it can be converted to a portable Wi-Fi hotspot for your work.

    You just need to follow certain steps to turn on hotspot settings on your device. Let’s see them.

    For Android Users:

    1. Open the Settings on your smartphone.

    2. Select Tethering & portable hotspot option from the menu.

    3. Turn on that toggle switch present next to the Portable Hotspot option.

    4. You should also set up a strong password to your hotspot, preventing other people from joining your network.

    For iOS Users:

    1. Open your Settings.
    2. Select a Personal Hotspot option.
    3. Turn on that toggle switch.
    4. You should also set up a strong password to your hotspot, which prevents other people from joining your network.
  3. Use free Wi-Fi apps

    The next method through which you might get free Wi-Fi is using free Wi-Fi apps. These apps contain a huge database of hotspots across the world. You can easily find such Wi-Fi spots around your location.

    There are a lot more apps that let you access Wi-Fi for free. Here we have collected some good apps which you can check out.

    Wi-Fi Map:

    Wi-Fi Map is a free Internet connectivity tool that contains over 100 million best Wi-Fi hotspot databases along with login credentials. It will help you find and connect to free Wi-Fi networks across the globe.

    1. This app provides Wi-Fi passwords even when you’re offline.
    2. You can navigate the map around your desired location.
    3. Connect to the Internet when there is no Wi-Fi nearby with eSIM from Wi-Fi Map.
    4. Wi-Fi Map is available for free for both Android and iOS devices.


    Wiman contains a huge number of Free Wi-Fi all over the world. You can get access to millions of Free Wi-Fi networks all over the world. Just search for your desired location, and you will find many nearby networks to which you can connect. Wiman also provides free and robust features like:

    1. Wi-Fi Auto-connect to get a quick connection.
    2. Supports offline Wi-Fi Maps.
    3. Available for free on the Google Play Store only.


    Instabridge is another application that provides Wi-Fi for free. This app comes with millions of free public Wi-Fi networks included.

    1. An auto-connect function to connect easily to the Best Wi-Fi network listed in the application.
    2. It has more than a million up-to-date Wi-Fi passwords data in it.
    3. Supports multiple formats like WEP, WPA, WPA2, and WPA3
    4. Instabridge is one of the best Wi-Fi applications available for iOS and Android devices.

  4. Get a portable router

    Getting your separate portable router is the best choice for accessing Wi-Fi anytime and anywhere. Unlike our home routers, the portable router is a small, mobile-like device without any cable.

    These portable routers contain a sim slot, and after you insert a sim in it, you can enjoy an uninterrupted 3G/4G network wherever you go. The only thing you need to take care of is the battery life. But if you go for good-quality routers, then there is no reason for worry. It will give you the best experience of surfing the internet.

  5. Check for any hidden networks present.

    Anyone can hide their Wi-Fi name (SSID) from the list of available networks just by disabling SSID broadcast. However, with the help of some applications, you can easily find hidden networks and get connected to them.

    Apps like NetSpot, NetStumbler, Kismet will help you find such hidden networks and get connected. You can also view the performance and strength of each network connection through such apps.

These are the ways you can access Wi-Fi for free. Try out these simple methods to access the best wi-fi with minimal effort. Let us know if you have a way different than ours. Happy web surfing!

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