How to Create or Locate a Free Wi-Fi?

Monday, Oct 11, 2021 · 10 mins


How to Create or Locate a Free Wi-Fi?


There was a time when people used to search for free WiFi because internet packs seemed like an expensive deal. Nowadays, in a digital world, accessing the internet is not a problem anymore. What remains a hiccup is an ideal (high-speed) internet connection all the time. Isn’t it?

There are a few places where your mobile internet connection takes a dip and you start looking for a WiFi hotspot. Usually, we get the free WiFi hotspot in restaurants, government buildings, and cafes. Sometimes, public libraries also offer free hotspots for the public.

But how can we find a free WiFi hotspot nearby? Is there any software or an app that can help us locate a WiFi connection? All these interesting questions will be answered in the blog. We will be discussing the tricks and tips on how to locate the hotspot or use it.

How to create or locate a free WiFi

  1. Use a WiFi finder app

    In today’s world, we have an application or software for everything. The same goes for finding a WiFi connection. There are a few WiFi hotspot finders like WiFi map, Wefi, and WiFi key master. Applications like these have different UI and functionalities but they do the same thing. If you want to know the number of connections available, all you need to do is launch these apps.

    These applications are available on both Android and iOS platforms and have millions of downloads. People have been actively using these apps. There are a lot of different apps available along with reviews to check before downloading.

  2. Use a web WiFi finder

    Applications make things easy but not everyone likes stacking up their mobiles with different applications. In such cases, Web-free WiFi finders come to rescue the user. There are several websites like OpenWiFi Spots, that can help locate free WiFis around you. You can easily use these websites on your mobile or laptop.

    In fact, with the help of some pre-existing communities on the website, the engagement keeps increasing. The number of WiFis included on such websites depends on the geographical area. Whenever a new WiFi setup is around a public place, it automatically adds to the portal. Before heading out, you can check the availability of any such finder.

  3. Visit and eatery

    These days, one of the best places to find free WiFi is at the eateries. There are a lot of big chains and some local restaurants where one can find free WiFi. Be it McDonald’s, Starbucks, or any other eatery/restaurant; order something and simply ask for the WiFi password.

    Some restaurants inform on their application about the branches that have an active WiFi setup. Some local chains have free connections where you don’t even need a password. Simply register on their portal and punch your mobile number. You are all set to use their connection.

  4. Other public places

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    Most cities offer free WiFi connections at various government offices. You can always expect free WiFi in and around government workstations, airports, railway stations, good bus stations, and so on. You can use the above-mentioned applications to find the location of WiFi setups. However, just like you, there will be a lot of people using it. Hence, the speed and connectivity of the internet might be slow or low.

    While waiting at the airport, you can use the free hotspot to complete your task, maybe a presentation or a report.

  5. You can use an ISP hotspot

    One of the best ways and hacks for getting free WiFi connection is to check whether there is an ISP hotspot around. There are a lot of stores that offer free hotspots to their customers. All you need to do is check for one. The best thing is that a number of places offer it, but only fewer people know about this service. As fewer people know about it, the speed of the internet in ISP hotspots is amazing.

    While you work on this connection, you won’t miss your home internet. If you need the password or the connection details you can directly connect with the ISP. There are several educate you more about this hotspot.

  6. Create your hotspot

    Just on a lighter note, let’s not forget that people having two mobile connections. Mobiles can create their hotspot and use them. This won’t take any effort and finding but it can help you in executing an important task that you urgently have to cater to.


It is hard to believe that people can stay away from using the internet for long. Be it finding a location on maps or simply using social media applications, people are glued to their smartphones. The nature of technology and evolution has now made it easy for people to find free hotspots. Use the above tips and search for free WiFi.

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