The benefits of managed wi-fi and why it matters

Wednesday, Dec 15, 2021 · 10 mins


Why is Managed Wi-Fi Important for Your Business?

The most crucial component when operating any competitive company is connectivity—and for that, you need an uninterrupted internet connection. As new dimensions get added to corporate operations with a significant increase in the use of technology such as cloud, social media, digital marketing, and mobility, having a bad network connection can grind your entire business to a halt. Indeed, this is not an ideal situation for any business today.

In terms of managed Wi-Fi solutions, many organizations outsource IT management to third-party suppliers, and with good reason. It is less expensive than maintaining internal IT personnel.

A decade ago, managed Wi-Fi solutions was a term not many people were aware of, but today, many organizations, small and big, have opted for this. On a flexible subscription-based payment plan, a fully managed Wi-Fi system delivers fast, easy to access, and secure wireless connections across businesses.

ACT Fibernet is known to deliver a high-speed network to residences and offices. ACT is a renowned telecommunication brand in India with an exceptional network speed from 10 Mbps to 1000 Mbps spread over 18 cities.

Benefits of Managed Wi-Fi Plans


The primary requirement of users before selecting a new broadband network is connectivity. High-quality data transmission helps users complete their daily tasks efficiently. Especially with the present crisis, remote workers require a good bandwidth, and ACT Fibernet is known for providing a good bandwidth to its users. By offering a speed of 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps, ACT Fibernet is a high-speed internet connection everyone is now choosing.


Enterprise-grade Wi-Fi equipment is costly, and those that misuse it will pay considerably more. Place your managed Wi-Fi solutions in the hands of specialists to save money. After all, enlisting the aid of a third-party supplier to analyze, fix, and perhaps replace your present system if you leave Wi-Fi to your under-equipped IT department will only result in high expenditure.

Higher Productivity

Installing and maintaining a Wi-Fi system takes up a lot of your time. A faulty managed Wi-Fi solution not only costs hundreds of dollars to fix but also prevents income creation. Being unable to connect to the internet causes significant disruption in your team. It necessitates hours of third-party help and preparation across several internal departments to handle difficulties that a professional might resolve quickly.

Tech Support

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The yearly wireless site survey is one of the major advantages of a managed Wi-Fi system. Your managed Wi-Fi provider can use the wireless site survey to evaluate the network's performance in real-time and make unique settings to improve it once a year. The wireless site survey may be conducted during business hours with minimal disruption. It is particularly helpful in high-density workplaces, where a single Wi-Fi system supports hundreds of devices.

User Experience

From workers to guests and visitors, all users benefit from outsourced wireless systems since they offer smooth and flawless communication. Employees may now expect to walk into their office buildings and instantly connect to the business WLAN, while visitors can anticipate quick access within minutes. And all this without compromising on security!

Exceptionally Secure

Allowing a large number of users and devices access to your network might lead to severe security issues. A managed WLAN service provides a layered security structure, which includes a centralized authentication architecture to control network access, automated tracking of all users and devices, and wireless intrusion detection, prevention, and mitigation.

Get Managed Wi-Fi Solutions with ACT

Accessibility is the major requirement, and ACT's managed Wi-Fi solutions offer you the chance to stay connected from anywhere. All in all, managed Wi-Fi is a simple and effective solution for businesses and residences. ACT Fibernet offers you the best broadband connection that comes with secure internet, scalable bandwidth, customized network routing, low loading time, network monitoring services, etc., that help users improve agility and productivity.

Take advantage of this incredible alternative and stay connected all the time!

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