What Can I Do With 1Gbps High-Speed Internet

Wednesday, May 20, 2020 · 5 mins


1 Gbps Internet

Giga speed internet is the next big thing in the arena of home internet connections. The biggest advantage of a Giga speed connection is its superior speed which is better than any vanilla broadband connection. Gigabit internet is slowly surfacing on mainstream hubs and if you plan to get ahead of your time, then you will be signing a peace accord in your household where everyone can enjoy the internet without having to face any network or speed issues. Be it gaming, smart home connections or 4k video streaming, a 1gbps/Giga speed internet connection will dissolve any chances of your connection getting bottlenecked.

Breaking it down, a giga speed connection means that you can download 1000 megabits of data per second, which is 100x faster than your average broadband connection. Now you might wonder why such a big difference? Simply put, ACT Fibernet offer giga speeds using fiber optic technology as opposed to traditional copper lines. Another huge perk you get with giga speed internet is the equal download and upload speed.

What all can you do with a 1GBPS High-Speed Internet connection?

Basically, you can do everything that you already did online except faster, without any interruptions and across multiple devices. You will be able to stream, or download any media with less congestion - since the connection speed is much higher now. But here’s a breakdown of some of the specific use case benefits from the new fat pipe of data which your 1GBPS high-speed internet connectivity is offering:

  1. Streaming videos

    All that bandwidth can only mean that you can use your internet speed to stream Netflix or other streaming services in 4k. It will also be the same when you are connected with multiple devices on the same connection. It'll remain lag-free.

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  2. Online Video Gaming and Streaming

    You sure have lost online video game matches due to laggy connections. But, say so more to such defeat. With Gigabit internet connectivity, the up/down speeds will remain identical and there will be minimal chances of any spotty connections or low ping rates. If you are concerned that your gaming is draining all your speed, then don’t worry, that won’t be the case for a giga connection. You can play your games or stream the same while your family binges on their on-demand video streaming platform without any lags.

  3. Immersive Media Streaming

    Faster upload and download speed won't just make 4k streaming a reality but will also help you interact with any immersive media online. So, apart from just being labelled as an internet connection for 4k streaming, you can use the connections’ higher data capacity to access media like VR, 360-degree videos and augmented-reality applications.

  4. Backing Data-Up

    You can now expect to use this speed for cloud-intensive applications that will help you secure your files in no time. You don't always have to rely on carrying external drives when you can upload all your heavy files to any accessible cloud backup services in a matter of seconds!

  5. More users

    Switching to a Gigabit internet connection from ACT Fibernet gives you access to high-speed connections for multiple users across many devices. Even a family of over three members can slow down any general broadband connection with a bit of movie marathon or a round of gaming sessions online. But with a Gigabit connection, you can expect an immaculate speed, even when being used by over 6 devices simultaneously. This will help you sustain your home internet ecosystem, running every application simultaneously.


Being on a gigaspeed network ensure that your internet demands are met and this is something that ACT Fibernet understands and provides immaculate solutions for. With our reliable fiber-optic internet services spread across India, you can choose any of our Gigabit broadband service to get staggering upload and download speed with zero contention. Check our plans and choose what’s best for you and your family now!

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