What is a leased line and how it works?

Friday, Feb 26, 2021 · 5 mins


What is a leased line and how it works?

A dedicated, fixed-bandwidth data link is a leased cable. It makes it possible for companies to provide a secure, high-quality internet connection with upload and download speed, uptime and durability guarantees.

Advantages of an Internet Leased Line:

Uncontended & Defined Bandwidth: You can get the certainty of constant speeds and contention with an ILL operation. Different premises share the same cable in different ways for internet links, resulting in low speed and high latency rates. The speed would depend on how many people are using broadband at the same time, even though you have a 76Mbps link.

Cost Savings on Network Maintenance: If any company plans to grow, the numbers of users and processes would also increase. An ILL link is an excellent choice in this scenario because it is a flexible service promising low latency, low jitter, and more uptime. If companies want to update their speed and bandwidth, they only need to upgrade their schedule according to their needs.

Symmetric speeds: Fixed bandwidth and symmetric speeds are provided by the Internet Leased Line. Businesses get access to identical upload and download speeds so that they can conveniently manage their work. Broadband links have asymmetric bandwidth, i.e., for downloads faster than for uploads.

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Reliability and SLAs: An ILL link comes with Service Level Agreements for industry-backed SLAs to commit companies to a certain level of ISP service. And if you face bad internet connectivity or your internet is down, within a few hours the problem will be fixed. With internet leased lines, users can expect good, to-the-point SLAs with better reliability.

How Does an Internet Leased Line Work?

A leased fibre optic line operates by transmitting light waves down a pure fibre optic cable, and the data being transmitted travels at the speed of light. A leased line is 'uncontentious,' which means that the line is committed to you alone and that no one else can use it.

A leased line uses almost the same equipment as fibre optic broadband. A leased fibre optic line operates by transmitting light signals down a fibre optic cable. The equipment at either end is on the lookout for light, namely whether the light is on or off, reflecting the binary 0s and 1s of digital data, when you need to send data down a fiber optic cable.

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