What is the best SD-WAN solution?

Wednesday, Dec 15, 2021 · 10 mins


What is SD-WAN?

Enterprises use SD-WAN (Software-Denied Wide Area Network) to create a network that overlays other networks to fulfill the bandwidth demands, improve network conditioning, and prioritize significant applications.

In simpler words, SD-WAN provides a unique way to merge networks of different business sites into one. It doesn't rely on heavy hardware and can manage the network adequately across the locations to prevent business interruptions that many enterprises face today because of traditional networks.

That's the reason SD-WAN is becoming prevalent, as companies are quickly shifting away from traditional networks. Many companies have already replaced MPLS with this network option in their infrastructure as it offers many benefits.

Business Perks of SD-WAN

Now that we have understood what SD-WAN is, let us get a clear picture of why it is crucial for a business. More precisely, let's take a look at the perks that companies enjoy with an SD-WAN connection over traditional networks:

Increased speeds

In today's tech-driven world, speed plays a vital role. Customers have high expectations, and they expect quick responses. SD-WAN guarantees that companies with multiple physical locations can connect over a network that streamlines their operations and helps them satiate customers' immediate requirements.

Robust application performance

Many companies' businesses depend on the success of their applications. If the application goes down, the business will also fall apart. With the SD-WAN, there's an enhanced application performance across all locations because of the high availability of predicted services, capable of handling heavy traffic and offering consistency at all application points.

Reduced cost

SD-WAN offers a layer of reliability, enabling a strong internet connection via Broadband, Internet, LTE, Fibre, and MPLS that is easily available and can be quickly installed. Also, SD-WAN offers direct access to the cloud platform that reduces the traffic over the WAN. Eventually, this decreases the overall SD-WAN cost to a great extent.

Simplified management

One of the key advantages of SD-WAN is that it makes installing WAN services easy and fast. SD-WAN solutions provide an automated setup that simplifies everything from a management aspect and makes connectivity super convenient for employees.


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Companies now run applications that are used by many users on multiple devices and from multiple locations. In such a scenario, security has become fragile for the WAN network. SD-WAN network delivers improved security solutions, such as encryption and application protection.

Best SD-Wan Solutions Vendor

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Bottom Line

SD-WAN is clearly the best choice for modern age companies. Cloud-based SD-WAN offers enterprises more security and agility compared to traditional networks like MPLS without compromising the peace of mind of SLAs vendors.

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