What is Wireless Internet Service?

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Wireless Internet Service


You must have used a cable connection for accessing the internet in the past. The necessity of cable for accessing the internet is removed nowadays due to wireless internet services. Wireless internet services allow users to connect to the internet without the need for a traditional cable setup. Wireless internet services use radio waves to provide internet connectivity to users. You can connect to the internet wirelessly with numerous devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, gaming consoles, and smart TVs. If your device supports a wireless connectivity feature, you would never need a cable setup.

When wireless services were launched, they offered much lower internet speed as compared to physical broadband connections. Now, the latest wireless solutions are bridging the internet speed gap between wireless and broadband internet services. WIFI hotspots and wireless LANs are some of the popular wireless technologies used by people in the current scenario.

Pros of using wireless internet

Wireless internet is popular among organizations and outlets that want to provide stable internet connectivity to their employees and customers. Besides organizations, people also prefer wireless internet services for household applications. The benefits of using wireless internet service are listed below:

  • Wireless internet services offer enhanced portability. You can travel from one room to another without worrying about the cables or connection points. Similarly, employees at their workspace can roam from one department to another while being connected to the internet.
  • A single wireless internet source can be connected to multiple endpoints. For example, you can connect a single WIFI to multiple laptops and smartphones. The number of endpoints that can be connected will vary according to the service provider.
  • Wireless internet services are hassle-free as you don’t have to be tangled in large cables. If any issue with internet connectivity occurs, you only have to check a few points rather than checking long cables.
  • Wireless internet services offer high compatibility with multimedia devices. Most of the latest smartphones, laptops and smart TVs are compatible with wireless internet services. Also, the installation charges of wireless internet services are much less than traditional cable-led broadband connections.

Understanding a wireless broadband network

Wireless internet services are also a type of broadband service only without cables. A wireless broadband network is established by the respective internet service provider. You will have to invest in several types of equipment for establishing a wireless broadband network. The physical equipment will have to be established only once but are only responsible for creating the wireless broadband network.

The items that are required for establishing a wireless broadband network are as follows:

  • Wireless transceiver
  • Wireless router
  • Connection source

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Once a wireless broadband network is established, you just have to use a wireless internet connection technology like WIFI to enjoy seamless internet service. Each wireless broadband network has its pre-defined coverage range. If an endpoint is out of the coverage range, it cannot establish a wireless internet connection.

Understanding wireless broadband service

How will you access the wireless broadband services? Who will install the wireless broadband network set up at your preferred location? Well, there are licensed internet service providers that provide wireless broadband services. A broadband service provider will provide you with internet service along with wireless technology. A reliable broadband service provider will install the wireless technology without any flaws at your preferred location. You will have to pay only once for the wireless technology installed at your home/office.

You will have to choose an internet subscription service from the service provider. Your internet subscription pack will determine your internet speed and volume of permissible data to be used. You will have to pay for the subscription plan after each month, quarter, or year. It is very important to choose a safe and reliable wireless broadband provider. ACT Fibernet is a reliable broadband service provider that can offer customized solutions.

Why choose ACT Fibernet for setting up a wireless broadband network?

ACT Fibernet has immense experience in providing broadband services across PAN India. It is currently servicing around 14 Indian cities and has a vast userbase of more than 1.5 million customers. Some of the major Indian cities serviced by ACT Fibernet are Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Vijayawada, Warangal, Lucknow, and many others. The reasons one must use the broadband services of ACT Fibernet are as follows:

  • ACT Fibernet provides numerous broadband plans to choose from based on your internet requirements. The monthly data usage and the internet speed are different for each broadband plan offered by ACT Fibernet.
  • If you opt for a half-yearly or annual subscription plan from ACT Fibernet, you will get a discount. Your per-month wireless broadband charge will be reduced for half-yearly and annual plans.
  • With a broadband subscription from ACT Fibernet, you will also receive a subscription for several streaming platforms for free.
  • ACT Fibernet has many trusted users around the country. High internet speed and excellent customer service are the USPs of ACT Fibernet.

In a nutshell

A wireless broadband network is perfect for people who have to use the internet rigorously. ACT Fibernet is a reliable source that offers broadband services for homes as well as for large organizations. With its proactive customer service and flexible internet plans, it has become a trusted solution. Get your wireless broadband connection now!

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