What's the best broadband for gaming

Wednesday, May 20, 2020 · 5 mins


Best Broadband for Gaming

The availability of high-end gaming devices like personalized PCs, consoles, laptops, etc has aided in the growth of the number of gamers today. To assist the growing need for a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience, the options among the best internet for gaming are slowly increasing. To help you in making a decisive decision, we have detailed out a checklist that you should keep in mind while selecting an internet connection for gaming.

  1. No Latency

    The reliability and rigidness of a high-end internet service provider is easily found. If the broadband connection has very little to no latency, then it serves the purpose for gamers perfectly, like ACT Fibernet.

    Latency is the time period between you giving a command over the internet and it actually happening. This is a very essential feature for best internet speed for gaming and streaming. No latency means that there won’t be a long between your inputs and the in-game response time, which is essential for quality gameplay.

  2. Ping vs Speed

    Ping is the time it takes a data packet to leave your device, reach a server, and return (as measured in milliseconds). A good ping is around 10ms-50ms or lower. If you have lower than a 10ms ping (0.01 seconds), your gameplay will have no lags, and be capable of supporting 60fps gameplay. The higher the ping 100ms, the more the lag. You can test your ping here.

  3. Wired or Wireless Technology.

    When it comes to gaming, a wired connection is more reliable. The wireless technology is unstable for a large amount of bandwidth and might cause latency and ping. The latest Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) technology ensures that the user gets fiber optic speeds for a perfect gaming experience.

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  4. Identical Upload and Download speeds

    Symmetrical speed in gaming is a must, especially for people playing and streaming the games simultaneously. Upload speed matters a lot when streaming any form of entertainment as the gamers are not just playing, but simultaneously uploading their gameplay for the world to see. Hence, a broadband connection with symmetrical speeds for uploading and downloading makes for the best internet for gaming, like the high-end fiber optic internet broadband services provided by ACT Fibernet.

  5. Bandwidth Distribution

    Bandwidth distribution in broadband can determine how many devices you can connect at the same time with no loss of internet connection or speed. The best internet internet service providers for gaming offer by a good fiber-optic broadband connection, like the ones ACT Fibernet specializes in providing. The reason behind this is that fiber optic internet doesn’t feature any lags in terms of sharing bandwidth. As a result, gamers can connect as many devices as they want without the worry of ever losing any speed while playing online games or streaming.

  6. Data Limitations

    The most critiqued aspect for of internet connection for gaming is data limits. Downloading games and streaming them takes up a lot data. This is why, ACT Fibernet offers comprehensive internet plans with up to 3,500 GB data per month. The huge data size can suffice for any gamer ensuring they don’t have to worry about losing their stream quality or spending time downloading games and updates. ACT Fibernet offers special internet options just for gaming to accommodate every kind of gamer.


With the advent of technology, online gaming will only grow in demand, and to meet with this ever-growing surge of gamers and their needs; fast, reliable, and consistent broadband service providers like ACT Fibernet will play a major role.. Head on to our plans page, find the best one that meet your gaming needs, and immerse yourself in a world of lag-free online gaming and streaming.

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