Structured Development Is the Key to Career Transformation

Just like learning is a lifelong process, skill development is a continuous process too. It transforms individuals into professionals. At ACT, we focus on the all-round development of our employees both on the business and technical front. The training programs are structured in such a way that every employee gets exceptional guidance and personalized attention to ensure they acquire skills to excel in their roles and responsibilities as well as in their career. With our development initiatives, progress is inevitable.

Ready to Lead

Ready to Lead

Getting started with a new leadership role becomes easy for new leaders when they have some understanding of what they're getting into. Our Ready to Lead (RTL) program sets the foundation in leadership for every new team leader, assistant manager, and manager joining us, whether they are new to our organization or promoted internally. To ensure that the foundation for each of the roles I strong and the programs are delivered irrespective of the when they join their role, we have online modules with courses that they can take at their own pace.


ACT Lead

We instill leadership effectiveness in all the team leaders in our organization through an initiative called LEAD. There are two parts to this program, while one inculcates important leadership principles in team leaders, the other grooms high-potential employees for the next level. To keep the program effective and relevant, we revamp it every year to incorporate every element required to be a great leader in a dynamic environment.



Grooming individuals for more responsibilities as they grow in their career is a part and parcel of how we work as an organization. SEED is a program that trains assistant managers at ACT in focus areas such as team management, cross-functional communication, problem solving with data analytics, etc. This hands-on program includes practice sessions to help the trainees implement what they've learnt.


Management Development Programme

When it comes to development, we take every employee at every level to be a part of it. Our Management Development Program (MDP) for managers and senior managers lays the foundation on three major themes, including people development, solution orientation through analytics, and driving change. The impact of this program shows in how the trainees approach their work and drive change with their skills.

We have another initiative specially designed for our extended leadership team. Know as Business Essentials, this 6-month-long program prepares them for the next level role and enhances their abilities to be ready to independently take charge of new functions or a new city. As a part of this program, we collaborate with a premier institute and undertake cross-functional projects.



At ACT, we ensure learning is an ongoing process, and technology enables us to do that. Our online learning platform allows us to create courseware that our employees can access anytime and anywhere. There are over 350 modules, most of which are also available in four vernacular languages to allow ease of learning in the language our employees are comfortable in. New hire training, refresher training, and quick assessments are some of the features that help us foster a culture of self-learning.

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