Summer Internship Program

Every college student craves to be a corporate honcho some day, the sooner the better. But what makes that dream a reality and differentiates students who are prepared for their career from those who are not is a program as simple as a summer internship. The summer internship at ACT opens up a world of opportunities for you even before you finish your graduation. Not only do you get to learn and practice business skills, you also get a chance to make connections and grow your network. How would you like an opportunity to get a real-world experience of most of the lessons you’ve only learned in theory? And the chance to join us for your first full-time job soon after is a bonus! The possibilities are countless when you join us.

Rewarding Collaborations Help Us Find Great Minds

At ACT, our 2-month internship program is a stepping stone for bright minds looking to kick-start a promising career. What makes our program a great success is our partnership with prestigious tier-1 management institutions across the country. This collaboration ensures that we are able to provide a platform for students to get real-time corporate exposure. With our senior leadership as mentors, the interning candidates also get an in-depth understanding of how they can become true professionals too.

On-the-Job Training Prepares Our Interns to be Future Ready

A summer internship at ACT isn’t just any internship. We provide our interns with real-time business projects. This helps them delve deeper into the connection between classroom learning and real ways of working in a corporate environment. The meticulous planning that goes into our internship program ensures that our interns get timely feedback and a regular review of their progress from their mentors. Having performers for peers and a great leadership to motivate you all along are only some of the additional advantages of interning with us.

Preparing Candidates to Be Professionals with Great Prospects

Our 2-month summer internship program was formally launched in 2018 and includes nine candidates, all of whom were shortlisted based on a rigorous selection process. While we plan this short-term program in collaboration with management institutes as a part of their campus recruitment drive, we also have other time-specific internship programs for graduates as well as management trainees. We offer admission to these programs throughout the year as a part of their curriculum. Individual business functions manage these internships independently.

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