Online Gaming : 10 hacks for faster online gaming connection

Wednesday, Oct 14, 2020 · 10 mins


10 hacks for faster online gaming connection

A reliable high-speed internet connection is an indispensable tool for every individual who takes online gaming seriously. For leisure gaming as well as for competitive tournaments, you need to know how to optimize WiFi for gaming. To make sure that you can maximize the efficiency of your broadband connection and improve internet connection for online gaming, here are the 10 effective hacks you can try -

  1. Upgrade your router

    There are several reasons why you should consider upgrading your router. One among them could be a sluggish online gaming experience. A new router with easy configuration options and better throughput should make your WiFi for gaming faster.

  2. Adjust antenna direction

    Most routers these days come with a combination of two or more external antennae. Aligning the antenna in the router parallel to the antenna in your gaming device can provide a significant boost in the network speed. Keeping one antenna vertical and the other horizontal would be helpful. So, once your online game is connected, you will not notice any drop in the signal quality.

  3. Evaluate the signal strength of your Wi-Fi network

    There are mobile apps for Android and iOS that can help you understand the signal strength in different corners of your house. You can use this data to identify the right spot to position your gaming console or smartphone on which you play your games.

  4. Reduce the number of devices connected

    For online gaming, WiFi connection at home should be such that the network is not too crowded. Connecting several devices and having multiple devices access the internet can lead to a drop in internet speeds. When you are playing online games, disconnect the other devices using internet.

  5. Check the interference

    When the router or gaming device is placed near devices that emit radio frequency waves you might experience unwanted lags. If you are losing your shot in online games, it could be due to interference. Moving the router and gaming device away from the sources of interference can help in maintaining consistency in games.

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  6. Stop downloads

    If downloads are running in the background of the computer where you play online games, it can affect your gaming performance. For an uninterrupted gaming experience, close all downloads and stop any seeding activities happening in torrent clients.

  7. Optimal router placement

    Even the best of routers with the latest Wi-Fi capabilities would not give you the intended performance if you place it on the floor. You can get a good WiFi for gaming, when you place the router in a place where there are enough surfaces for the signal to bounce off and reach the connected devices.

  8. A simple restart as a quick fix

    Not restarting your router often could be one of the reasons hampering the efficiency of the Wi-Fi network at your house. Reboot the router regularly or schedule an automatic restart to enjoy the best WiFi for gaming.

  9. Know about router dead spots

    There could be spots in your house where the signal strength is close to zero. Identify the dead spots and make sure that your gaming computer is not placed in one of these places. To ensure that your online teams are not let down because of your bad Wi-Fi connection, place your gaming device away from the dead spots.

  10. Connect in the right channel

    Try tweaking the channel in which your device is connected. Multi-channel connections are beneficial as they let you choose the ideal wireless channel that is free from interference. Optimal channel choice can reduce the game loading times.

With these easy hacks, you can transform your online game experience in no time. WiFI can create issues at times, working well in some spots and slow in other places. By making these simple changes, you can increase your chances of winning your favorite online battles.

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