How high-speed internet can transform the way co-living homes drive tenant experience?

Friday, Jun 05, 2020 · 5 mins


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The co-living community is transgressing the cultural norms, redefining a new way of living. Shared living experiences are culminating into a global movement. There has been a rising number of jobs that require a reliable internet connection to secure independent work.

All these aspiring workers aim to cut on redundant expenses by sharing a house. But for co-living spaces to thrive, it requires some consistent elements - one of them being the internet. So, how can you juggle daily disruptions, manage a community while keeping the tenants happy with the internet? The answer is simple high-speed Internet for Home.

Curating lives with reliable and high-speed internet in a co-living space

Co-living community managers often have to face daily disruptions along with specific events to keep the tenants engaged without any interruptions. For that, connectivity is a requirement and a vanilla Home broadband won't suffice. Let's find out the way technology-driven co-living space can largely benefit from a high-speed internet connection.

  • Enterprise Internet for Lucrative Onboarding Process

    Technology has already found a lucrative corner in the co-living onboarding process. From 360-degree virtual reality tours to booking working desks, there is a sense of holistic connectivity here. There are startups like 5Lmeet implementing IOT technologies to enhance engagement and reinforce upgraded security protocols like facial recognition systems. To sustain an IT rich ecosystem, fast and high-speed internet for multiple people has to be distributed without disruptions.

  • In-house Applications for Better Connectivity

    Apart from the apps that already exist for co-living spaces, there is a fine chance for white label application development. Such an app can help the inmates work around the framework and reduce confusion. An app like that can help managers keep track of all the activities happening in and around their community - they can also use the same to qualify tenants, book appointments for workspace, showcase available spaces, collect rent, and manage maintenance requests. Techie nomads who rely heavily on tech infested culture will largely find a space like this alluring, driving them to have a more nuanced tech-based experience.

  • More Bandwidth and Quick Response Time

    Generally, our wifi for home accommodates several devices which come around 4-5 devices. With the number of devices connected, average internet speed can barely support them. So, in a co-living space where several tenants are living under the roof, a poor internet connection will surely drive your tenants away. With the anticipated infrastructure of co-living spaces, it is obvious that quick response time to online tools will determine the tenant's tenure. Most of the migratory tech nomads are self-employed - which means they rely on applications like Salesforce, Clarizen, ClickMeeting, Google Apps, et al; It also translates to them requiring high-speed uninterrupted internet without any contention.

  • Greater FUP

    With the heightened demand and technological advancement, limitless internet data is preferred over capsizing FUP. To accommodate HD streaming or video gaming, consistency is required for uninterrupted data flow. A co-living space can largely benefit from unlimited usage policy, since more the connected devices- greater the demand.

  • Unquestionable Reliability

    No one appreciates laggy internet. Switching to fiber is a viable option especially when co-living spaces have several tenants requiring uninterrupted high-speed internet. This increases reliability and once everything is connected with 100% uptime, operations in a co-living space become better.

Co-living is the future and High-Speed Internet is the backbone

Are you a co-living space manager? Then, switch to the ACT business broadband solution for a better experience. Your time is now and choosing the right ISP can dynamically impact the success of your co-living space.

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