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Internet has become one of the most important parts of our lives, and surely no one wants to be chained to a slow connection that takes years to get the work done. We at ACT Fibernet, take pride in being termed as one of the most effective and efficient broadband service providers in Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and many other cities across the country. So, if your home internet is feeling a little on the slow side and you are having trouble diagnosing the issues yourself, here we have scouted a list of things that will boost the internet speed and will allow you to make the most out of your internet connection.

Pick a Decent Router

A router is not only a critical component that enhances the user experience, but it also plays an important role in delivering high-speed internet. There was a time when only a few devices were connected to the internet, but today, a single internet connection has to bear the load of several smartphones, internet-enabled appliances, tablet computer and more. The poor old-school router handles all the pressure and needs to work more than ever. So, the deal here is to bring home a new-age dual-band router that offers the best performance.

Find the Perfect Spot for Your Router

The router that you own might not be as good looking as the rest of the items in the house, but that does not mean that you tuck it behind the TV cabinet or the sofa. To make it perform how it is intended to be, you need to place it out in the open and free from any obstructions. Also, mount it high on a wall for optimum distribution of signals. In the end, make sure of positioning it in the center of the house to provide great coverage in all areas of the house.  

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Connect Only the Devices You Are Using

In a typical 21st century household, every member of the family owns a gadget that requires an internet connection. From the five-year old’s tablet for gaming to the 60-year-old’s smartphone for YouTube, all the devices are connected to the internet 24/7; thus, hampering the connection speed. However, with our incredibly fast internet connection, you will not have to worry about the number of devices that are connected to the internet. Every member of the family can enjoy amazing internet speeds simultaneously even when a heavy upload or download is in progress in other connected device(s).

Keep Your Neighbours Out

It’s good to help your neighbours as a goodwill gesture, but, when it comes to sacrificing on your internet speed, it’s time that you reconsider the thought of sharing your password. If you have already shared your password with a few neighbours, consider changing it to a strong one to keep most of the rabble out. 

Don't Broadcast Your SSID

To keep your data-prying neighbour off your internet connection and safeguard its speed, hide your SSID. Doing this, no one in the vicinity will have access to your internet unless they type the connection name and password manually. The firmware setting in your router allows you to toggle the SSID broadcast option and proves to be an effective measure to keep your internet safe from data-mooching neighbours. In addition, you can also enable WPA2 password protection which offers higher security than the WPA or WEP security protocols.

We at ACT Fibernet are sure that these tweaks will allow you to have a better experience with your internet connection. Your home Wi-Fi will be faster than ever, secure and more reliable. When you are done, be sure of checking out our blog on Steps to secure your Wi-Fi Network  for an even stronger internet connection.

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