ACT Business Overview

Connect to ACT Enterprise and Experience Seamless Connectivity at Incredibly Fast Speeds

Being one of the nation’s largest Class A Internet Service Providers, ACT serves more than 1.5 million broadband customers in 19 cities across India with world-class internet services. Our enterprise solution is designed exclusively to boost business agility and enhance the productivity of our clients with an internet connection that is much more efficient, reliable and scalable than home broadband. With a decade of experience in delivering fiber optic technology, we power close to 15000+ enterprise customers in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai.

Providing connectivity across these industries and more:

  1. Software Development – Used in over 3500 companies to deliver digital solutions to their business clients
  2. Hospitality – Used in over 550 spaces to provide a delightful experience to their customers
  3. Manufacturing / Logistic firms – Used in over 625 firms to streamline the supply chain operations
  4. Healthcare – Used in over 385 hospitals to run the daily operations and provide a convenient experience to their patients
  5. Educational institutions – Used in over 450 institutes to drive value through E-learning platforms
  6. Co-working spaces – Used in over 300 spaces to provide reliable high-speed internet

Why ACT Enterprise?

  1. Incredibly fast internet - Consistent, high speed internet delivered till the last mile on fiber
  2. Self-healing network - Multiple power back-ups and multi-path redundancy for all network elements
  3. Low load time - Superior Web Hosting: Akamai, Google, Netflix, FB; Direct peering: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Zen layer
  4. Managed business continuity - Advanced data centers equipped with disaster recovery systems
  5. Secure Internet - Integrated DDoS protection to safeguard your network
  6. Scalable Bandwidth - On - Demand - Easily upgrade your bandwidth to suit business growth and expansion
  7. Direct Access - Connect directly to the endpoint of your choice through super-fast routes
  8. Customized Network Routing - Multiple gateways to seamless, secure connectivity through a single provider
  9. 24x7 NOC Support - Maximum control through proactive network monitoring services

ACT Enterprise caters to the need of every enterprise!

    1. Corporate Broadband :
      • Business internet at affordable prices
      • Bundled static IP
      • 24x7 consistent, high-speed internet

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    1. Internet leased line :
      • Dedicated internet connectivity between the customer premise and internet exchange
      • Faster internet access through uncongested network core
      • Business grade connectivity backed by SLA

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