ACT Skill Development Centre

Giving You the Wings You Need to Fly High

Your skills can take you to places. Especially now, when the world is a global market, only skilled professionals can scale great heights anywhere they want. At ACT, we take the time and effort to help you develop your skills to your truest potential. Our Skill Development Centre (SDC) gives an insight to prospective employees into the different roles in our organization while enabling us to create a pool of talent. With the help of SDC, both freshers and experienced professionals gain the opportunity to become technically skilled and behaviorally balanced to be prepared for our business's customer-facing functions.

Skills Development

SDC program is a month long program designed to give you hands-on experience and direct networking opportunity with the experts in the Organization. Learning will be amplified with finest class room training, close mentoring, and effective evaluations. We ensure you gain experience in all fields and develop overall understanding of the function that you opt to work for. SDC program provides formal training as well as real time experience working alongside other ACTians.

A Program That Prepares You and Us for Progress

Finding the right candidates with the right skills at the right time is a complex situation most companies struggle with. At ACT, we are future ready thanks to our Skill Development Centre and the talent pool it creates. The rigorous candidate selection process and the ensuing training, grooming, final assessment, and on-boarding stages help us make the candidates job ready. The benefits of this month-long skill development program include the following:

  • Hands-on understanding and experience of working in different roles at ACT
  • An opportunity to network with the respective domain experts in the company
  • Enhanced learning through different platforms, including classroom training and close mentoring and feedback system
  • A better grasp of field responsibilities and the function or role that interests you the most
  • Formal training of what it is like to work in our organization alongside ACTians

If you're aspiring to join a team of peers who constantly help you grow as a person and professional, you'll achieve it with our SDC program.

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